Book Projects

Flight School, January 2020
An Original Manuscript, Literary Memoir
Prompted by a family crisis our protagonist returns to her childhood home where she is forced to revisit troubled family dynamics and unresolved past. Set against the backdrop of a 19th century mining town as hardened and deep rooted as her grievances, she finds unexpected resolve, understanding and forgiveness of her family and herself. Returning home provides the pivotal catalyst to her awakening and springboard for life's greatest epiphanies of all.

The Blue Letters, March 2020
An Original Manuscript, Literary Fiction
A fictionalized account of real life events when, in the aftermath of a mother’s death, decades-old letters are discovered — revealing a world of unrequited love and a life that might have been.

The Healing Path Home To Myself
An Original Manuscript, Non Fiction Coming of Age
“I thought that illness happens like getting hit by lightening or winning the lottery but this could not be further from the truth. Having a disease, like life, is a journey; not a destination.”